Aug 30 2015

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Jan 21 2015

Gold Gives Up Gains as ECB QE Expected Tomorrow

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Gold prices reached another five month high earlier today as the dollar was weaker and stocks started the day mixed. Gold prices eased throughout the morning, however, as stocks rallied in anticipation of tomorrow’s ECB announcement. It is expected that ECB President Mario Draghi will bring the bazooka and announce a bond buying program to the tune of 50 billion euros per month until the end of 2016.

The ECB is taking additional action in order to fight deflation, and hopes are that this package will get the job done. While this may be considered bullish for gold prices, the possibility certainly exists that this stimulus has already been baked into the cake and that the euro currency could potentially stabilize following the release of the QE package.

Should this prove to be the case, gold prices may see a further upside as some profit taking in the dollar could occur. Recent dollar strength has likely acted as some degree of resistance to higher gold prices, yet the price of gold has continued to rise. This could potentially be indicative of underlying strength in the gold market. In addition, gold has also risen as crude oil prices have fallen in dramatic fashion-also a potential sign of market strength.

Gold appears to have put in a meaningful bottom back in November and December. High volume seen in December may be a good clue that gold has once again begun to be accumulated. Gold prices have been trending higher ever since, and have cleared some significant areas of resistance.

The $1320 area in gold would seem to be the next possible upside target for gold prices. On the downside, support may be seen in the $1260 and $1240 areas.

Gold has been moving higher as risk aversion sets in and some investors possibly look to reallocate assets to begin the new year. The move last week by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) did not do anything to calm investors’ nerves. After abandoning the franc’s peg to the euro, the Swiss currency rapidly rose by 30 percent at one point.

In addition to action in the currency markets, stocks have been seeing increased volatility as well. Markets have come off of their recent highs, although it is too early to tell if the possibility of a top exists.

Another factor that may be driving gold prices is the notion that the Fed may remain on hold with regards to interest rates. The lack of inflation, along with increasing global growth fears could potentially delay the first rate hike slated for sometime in the middle of this year. Should the Fed decide to wait, the dollar could potentially weaken and in the process possibly set the stage for higher gold.

Oct 14 2014

Has Gold Reached A Near-Term Bottom?

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Gold prices have been on the defensive for some time now, although the gold bulls are showing some signs of life recently. The price of gold retested its swing lows in the $1183 area during the night session recently before popping higher throughout the session. While no one can not say with any certainty if a bottom is in fact in place, this is noteworthy for a few reasons:

  • Bearish sentiment in gold and precious metals had reached what some consider to be a bearish extreme. When one has read about gold lately, much of the material that has been printed has been about how gold is likely to go lower. Many reasons have been cited for this prediction including the notion of rising interest rates, higher equities and a stronger dollar index. Certainly some if not all of of the reasons cited for gold’s weakness have a great deal of merit. Markets are markets, however, and when everyone gets on one side of the ship the ship may capsize. In the case of gold, there may simply not be enough bears left to drive gold prices lower from here-at least not in the short-term.
  • The Commitment of Traders report recently reiterated the above point as the report showed that large speculators had the smallest amount of net long positions in quite some time (Since last December we think.) The fact that everyone is selling and no one is buying lends itself to selling pressure drying up at some point-and perhaps that point has arrived.
  • The last time that large specs held such a small net long position, gold prices proceeded to rally off the December bottom and in the process completed a double bottom on the daily chart. In fact, the last time gold tested the $1185-$1200 area on the downside, prices rallied sharply to nearly the $1400 per ounce level.
  • Stocks have starting seeing volatility again…The last couple of weeks have been tumultuous for the equities market. As with gold, no one can say with any certainty that a top is in for stocks, however, the market was due for a pullback, perhaps even a correction. This pullback or correction now appears to be upon us, and this could potentially lead to higher gold prices as uncertainty increases and investors potentially seek alternative asset classes to put money to work in.
  • Interest rates are falling again. Investors appear to be a lot more skeptical about economic growth at this point and that skepticism can be seen in bond prices. In addition to the fact that rates are falling, the Fed last week said in its latest meeting minutes that short term rates will be staying low for some time to come. The Fed cited concerns about a weakening global economy and a stronger U.S. dollar.
  • The world is still full of geopolitical risk. In addition to conflicts such as Ukraine and Hong Kong, the world is now also dealing with an ebola crises. Are these issues enough to drive buying in perceived safe havens such as gold? Perhaps yes perhaps no.

Stocks and the dollar will likely continue to be the primary drivers of gold. Should stocks continue to weaken and exhibit increasing volatility, then gold could potentially benefit. Either way, the gold market had gotten oversold and will possibly need to overcome that oversold condition before another leg lower if that proves to be the case. In the meantime, we could potentially see a sharp rally in gold that could take gold prices higher by $100 or more in the near term. The gold bulls have a lot of work to do to overcome the technical damage that has been inflicted on the yellow metal, and gold will likely remain a seller’s market until the bulls are able to prove otherwise.

Sep 11 2014

September 11th 2001

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Today we honor those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 and we honor the countless heroes who worked so diligently to put the pieces back together. 9/11 touched the lives of many, and we must never forget. We pray for healing for those affected by 9/11, and we stand united. God Bless America

Jul 28 2014

Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds Only $.65 Over Spot plus FREE SHIPPING!

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JM Bullion is currently offering Sunshine Mint silver rounds at just $.65 over spot while supplies last! This low price also includes free shipping! The Sunshine Mint is well-known for its quality bullion products and this silver round is no exception. The Sunshine mint 1 oz silver round features the iconic sunshine silver eagle design and is made of .999 percent fine silver.

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These Sunshine Mint silver round also feature a unique security feature. On the reverse of the round is a micro-engraving that can only be read through a Sunshine Mint decoder lens to verify its authenticity. The feature is called Mint Mark SI ™ and is an exclusive scrambled indicia security feature on all Sunshine Mint brand bullion products. The mint also guarantees the rounds for weight and fineness. These Sunshine Mint silver rounds can be a cost-effective way to add more ounces of silver to your stack!

Jul 11 2014

5 Reasons To Own Gold-A Simple Guide

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There are many potential reasons to own gold. Some of these reasons can make sense and seem very reasonable, while others seem to be a lot more far-fetched. In this post, I wanted to kind of break down some simple reasons that in my opinion may be good reasons to buy gold, silver, or other precious metals. Again, these are my opinions but I think they represent a simple line of thinking that may be useful for those considering gold ownership or precious metals investments,  or for those who have already started to buy gold. To me, there many potential reasons to own gold but here are what I feel are the simplest reasons to own gold:

  1. Gold and precious  metals can add much needed diversification to an overall portfolio. This means an allocation in gold or precious metals-not putting all of your money into these assets. Because gold and PM’s do not usually exhibit a correlation to stocks or bonds, they may potentially be useful in a portfolio with the potential to reduce overall portfolio volatility-after all, that’s what diversification is all about.
  2. Gold has been considered a store of value for thousands of years. Gold and other metals have a long history of being considered a store of value. Gold can be transacted the world over, and its price is the same all over the world. I do not expect gold’s status as a store of value to change anytime soon. In addition, gold does not carry any counter-party risk.
  3. Gold and other precious metals are resources of limited supply. The planet only holds so much gold, silver and other natural resources. While I am not an economist, I do believe that buying gold or other natural resources that exhibit rising demand in the face of limited supply may be wise.
  4. Gold may provide a degree of protection against inflation or a falling currency. While I cannot say exactly what effect, if any, inflation or depreciating currency values may have on gold or precious metals, I believe that gold prices may benefit in such scenarios. I could be wrong..
  5. WHAT IF……..The biggest reason I like the idea of buying gold is for all of the what ifs..  There are far too many to list here in this short post, but I think that gold and precious metals ownership can potentially provide one with a degree of comfort. I like the idea of owning physical gold in case I need it! I also understand that gold prices could rise-or they could fall. I understand that an investment in gold could lose value. While I certainly would prefer the price of gold to rise if I am buying it, I accept and understand that I cannot see the future-and that the price of gold could drop. That being said, I do not believe in worrying about the price of gold. I am more of a believer in having good reasons to buy gold that one believes in-and then letting the market and the laws of supply and demand take care of the rest. If a gold investment loses value-so what? I still have the physical gold if I need it! I think this is also why diversification is so important. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. A small allocation in gold or precious metals I believe can potentially give one some piece of mind but at the same time not cause one to worry excessively over the price of gold or other metals. One must be willing and comfortable to accept that prices may fall and one can lose money buying gold and precious metals. I believe one can, however, take comfort in the fact that they own the metal and have it if needed. One should thoroughly examine their own financial situation and have and believe in their own reasons for owning gold or precious metals before purchasing.
Jul 10 2014

1 OZ. OPM Silver Rounds for Only $.69 Over Spot!

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JM Bullion is currently offering 1 oz. OPM silver rounds for just $.69 over spot! On top of this fantastic price you get FREE SHIPPING! For those not familiar with this silver round, it is a beautifully crafted, simple yet elegant silver round made by Ohio Precious Metals, otherwise known as OPM. The silver rounds are .999 percent pure silver and come shipped right to your door in brand new condition. In addition, these silver rounds are IRA eligible.




1 oz. OPM silver round

Jul 10 2014

Encourage your children to save, no matter what their age.

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I strongly believe that we are heading into another financial crisis which could be even worse than the last. Baby boomers are aging and most do not have nearly enough saved for retirement.    The National Institute on Retirement…

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Jul 09 2014

Fed To Complete Tapering in October

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FOMC minutes show Fed to complete tapering by October. Rates to stay low for an extended period.


From Fed plans To end bond purchases in October

Jul 09 2014

Gold Price Higher As FOMC Minutes Awaited

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Gold prices are moving higher today before the release of the latest FOMC minutes. Gold is up over $8 per ounce as of this post and is hovering just below the April highs. The April highs in the $1331 area appear to be some formidable resistance-and if the gold bulls cannot take out this level soon we could potentially see some liquidation by gold longs. Watch the gold market’s reaction to today’s FOMC minutes here:


It would seem that the summer doldrums of trading may already be upon us. The markets have been relatively quiet, and the news flow also even seems to have quieted down a bit. The release of the Fed minutes today will quite likely be the data highlight of the week. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has previously reiterated the idea that the economy still requires the Fed’s assistance. While anything is possible, we would expect that today’s minutes will simply be more of the same. The Fed will likely continue to get out of the bond buying business while pledging to hold rates low for the foreseeable future. This could potentially be bullish for precious metals.

It is difficult to imagine gold and silver falling off dramatically from current levels given the current geopolitical landscape, however, anything is possible. The bulls are maintaining a slight technical advantage, however, we feel that the gold bulls must be able to extend prices to the upside out of the current trading range and do so in the very near future. Should the bulls be able to breach last week’s high on a closing basis at the $1333 level as well as the high reached on July 1 around the $1334.9 level, we could see gold rise sharply and do so quickly. This could potentially put the $1354 area in the bulls site. A breach above this level could see a test of the $1400 level in short order. On the flip side, gold may see near term support near Friday’s low of $1312 and then again at the $1300 level. A break below this level could potentially set the stage for a significant decline.