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Gold Getting Clobbered As Ukrainian Situation Escalates-What Gives?

The price of gold is sharply lower this morning as profit taking following the recent move higher in gold kicks in. The downward pressure in gold today is somewhat baffling, however,given the fact that the situation between Russia and Ukraine appears to be escalating. Violence could break out at any moment, and one has to wonder why a perceived “safe-haven” asset such as gold is getting kicked in the teeth today. In addition, interest rates are flat to higher today while stocks move up. What gives? Let’s take a look at gold and what could potentially be going on:

-Gold has had a nice run up since hitting support in the $1280 area at the beginning of the month. In fact, gold prices have been on a nice uptrend since that time. Until today, gold had not seen a sizable pullback in prices since hitting that near-term bottom. A pullback has become not only likely at this point, but one could argue also necessary if gold is going to make a sustainable run higher.

-Markets have a tendency to try and shake people out. Markets, especially markets that are trending, will try to shake out as many weak hands as possible. Similar to a bucking Bronco, one has to try and stay the course and hold tight. While it is too early to tell if this is simply a shakeout attempt in the gold market, one certainly cannot discount the possibility. In fact, it is difficult to argue why gold may weaken further here given the geopolitical backdrop.

-The dollar index is higher today. While trading only slightly higher, dollar strength tends to weigh on gold prices because gold is a dollar denominated currency. While this may not be the primary driver, it certainly does not help the gold bulls.

-The gold bulls see the writing on the wall with rising interest rates. Maybe not today, this week, or next month-but the period of easy money is drawing to a close. Although gold prices can go significantly higher regardless of this, it is something worth keeping in mind.

-Sell stops. Once gold prices weakened a certain degree, it is likely that many clustered sell stop orders were triggered. This can cause a cascade effect in the gold price and that is quite possibly what we are seeing today. The downward pressure today may be in large part due to many people exiting the gold market at once.

The gold market can be tricky and can be volatile. Time will tell if this is the beginning of a trend reversal on the daily gold charts or if this proves to be a wonderful buying opportunity. Investors will continue to monitor the data stream closely as well as rising tensions in Ukraine. Although gold is down sharply today, it may be too early to count the yellow metal out. In fact, gold has the potential for explosive upside depending on how things shake out over the coming weeks. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that a peaceful and diplomatic solution may be found.

Buy Silver Eagles From JM Bullion Only $2.49 Over Spot With FREE SHIPPING

JM Bullion is currently offering 2014 American Silver Eagle coins for only $2.49 over spot with FREE SHIPPING.  The price along with free shipping make this one of the best silver eagle deals we have ever seen.  The coins can be purchased in any quantity as well and still get the discounted pricing and free shipping!







One can buy the 2014 American Silver eagle tubes, which are sometimes simply called “rolls.”  Each tube contains 20 2014 American Silver Eagle coins in mint condition. These have been shipped directly to JM Bullion from the U.S. Mint, and are in brilliant, fresh from the presses condition. JM Bullion is storing the coins in the sealed tubes, thus making it very easy for them to ship them out to customers in pristine condition. The tubes also serve the dual purpose of potentially serving as a storage container for the coins. Quantities greater than 500 will be delivered in sealed monster boxes. According to the JM Bullion website, all silver coins are shipped fully insured and with safety and product security in mind.

The 2014 American Silver eagle coin is struck in 99.9% pure silver. The 1 oz.  coin has a face value of $1.00. The Silver Eagle was first released in 1986 and has remained one of the most popular silver coins in the world ever since! The U.S. mint is well known for its attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. The 2014 Silver Eagle coin is another prime example of the type of quality bullion coin produced by the mint.

If one is looking to buy silver coins at the best possible price and with free shipping then the current deal from JM Bullion is hard to pass up.



Buy Canadian Gold Coins From Royal Canadian Mint

One can buy Canadian gold coins from numerous online bullion dealers. The Royal Canadian Mint, however, produces and sells some of the highest quality and most unique gold bullion coins in the world. The mint is well-known for its attention to detail, its creativity and its stellar craftsmanship. One can buy Canadian gold coins from the mint and feel confident that they are getting some of the finest bullion coins in the world. For coin collectors, the RCM has a huge selection of both gold and silver bullion coins that can make a great addition to anyone’s collection. Let’s examine some of the mint’s top selling gold coins from this past year:

Shop The Royal Canadian Mint for Canadian circulation and collector coins! Click here!



The 2013  1/10 oz. pure gold coin Polar Bear. This coin has a mintage of only 4000. This is the second coin in the popular pure gold O Canada series!


The 2013   1/10 oz. pure gold coin- The Wolf. This coin has a mintage of only 4000. This is the third coin in the popular pure gold O Canada series!


The 2013  1/10 oz. fine gold coin- The beaver. This coin has a mintage of only 4000.  This is the first coin in the new $5 gold O Canada series!


The 2013  1/4 oz. pure gold coin-Devil’s Brigade. This coin has a mintage of only 2000. A unique source of military pride for both Canada and the United States!


2014  18 karat gold coin-Year of the Horse. This coin has a mintage of only 2500. This gold coin can make a great gift for someone born in the year of the horse!


2013 1 kilogram pure gold coin-The Caribou. This coin has a mintage of only 20. Truly a collectable! Gold coin set against the backdrop of the Canadian Arctic!


2013  1/10 oz. pure gold coin-The Caribou. This is the fourth coin in the popular 1/10 oz. pure gold series!


2013 $350  pure gold coin-The Polar Bear. This coin has a mintage of only 600. The first of a new $350 pure gold 99.999%  coin series!


2014  1 oz. pure gold coin-Bald Eagle Protecting Her Nest. This coin has a mintage of only 350. This coin celebrates the majestic beauty of the bald eagle!


2013  $75 14 karat gold coin-Superman& Trade;The Early Years. This coin has a mintage of only 2000. A truly unique gold coin. The first gold coin ever featuring Superman!



In addition to the numerous gold collector’s coins offered by the mint, the RCM also produces some of the more widely circulated Canadian gold coins. Here are a few of them below:


The Canadian Gold maple Leaf Coin: The maple leaf is symbolic of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin is regarded as one of the finest gold bullion coins in the world! The Maple leaf comes in various sizes and variations.


2014 1/10 oz. pure gold coin-O Canada four coin subscription. This set has a mintage of only 4000. The set includes walnut coin display case.



2014 baby gift set. A specially struck $1 gold piece!


2014  $1 dollar Lucky Loonie circulation 5-pack.



2014 O Canada gift set.A specially struck $1 gold piece available only in this gift set!



The above coins and coin sets are great examples of the type of quality products produced by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint. The mint produces many additional types of gold and silver bullion coins not included above.  For those looking to add Canadian gold coins to a collection, or those looking to simply buy some of the finest gold and silver bullion coins produced in the world today, then it is hard to go wrong with products from the RCM.

Shop The Royal Canadian Mint for Canadian circulation and collector coins! Click here!











Experience Buying From JM Bullion

jm site 5Gold and silver dealer JM Bullion is becoming more well known in the precious metals community and continues to grow.

I have seen reviews both very good and some not so good, and I am sure that many out there are still wondering if JM Bullion is a legitimate gold and silver bullion dealer or are they some type of scam or poorly run shop with a lot of complaints. While some people have shared different experiences, I wanted to share my recent purchase from JM Bullion.

 I recently purchased some Canadian silver maple leaf coins from JM Bullion. I wanted to share my experience with everyone, and give my straight forward opinion on the buying process and experience. I had an idea of what I wanted to buy going into the shopping experience, yet I found the website very simple to use and very easy to find different types of products. I quickly settled on some silver coins, and zeroed in on the Canadian silver maple leaf coin.Once I located the coin on the JM Bullion site, I clicked it for more details. The pricing and corresponding volume discounts were very easy to understand. I chose to buy just four silver maple leafs. The pricing was very competitive, and the fact that JM offers free shipping on orders certainly added value for me as a buyer. In fact, when one takes this cost savings into account, JM Bullion is pretty tough to beat price wise.


I placed my order last Wednesday which was February 19th, 2014. I decided to purchase using an American Express card for two reasons. First, I like the idea of a quick transaction without the need to wait for a bank wire or for a check to clear. Second, I love using my Amex because I know if I have any type of problem with any type of merchant that they will go to bat for me as a valued cardholder. The fact that buying the silver coins using a credit card would add some cost to the transaction did not bother me much, as the extra premium I paid to use the card was still less than the cost of sending a bank wire. Once I completed entering my credit card details and shipping information, the site told me my order was being processed and that I would receive email updates about fulfillment and shipping. I also set up a log in on the JM website which allows me to log in anytime and track my order status. The following day, I logged in and my order had not yet shipped. I did then, however, receive an email the following day on February 21st that my order had shipped via USPS. I received my order late in the afternoon of Monday February 24th.I was extremely happy with the manner in which my order shipped and the speed in which I received my order. In addition, I was able to conveniently track my order every step of the way.


silver pic 1  My silver coins were  delivered very fast, in fact I was pleasantly surprised at just how quick the whole transaction was from start to finish. The box the coins arrived in gave no indication at all of what was inside. The package was delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and arrived late in the afternoon separate from the daily mail.  See details on FREE SHIPPING





silver pic 2 box  The coins were very well packaged. The heavy cardboard box was reinforced with some type of security tape. Once I was able to get this off (which took quite a while) the coins were secured in a large amount of bubble wrap. In addition to the protective bubble wrap, each silver coin came inside its own protective sleeve. The way the coins were packaged showed me that it was done with care and concern for the safe arrival of my product.





silver 8  The silver maple leaf coins I ordered appeared to be brand new and completely unscathed. The coins were clean with no scratches, marks, or other signs of handling. In fact, they appeared to be right off the assembly line. I was quite happy to see the coins delivered in this type of condition! All in all I was happy with the transaction and would buy gold or silver from JM Bullion again. I think that their combination of extremely low prices along with free shipping  will have me buying more from them in the near future.



silver 9  For more information on JM Bullion including prices, shipping and insurance, buybacks, complaints and more, please see our detailed review of JM Bullion on the gold dealer review section.   

Of course, I cannot say whether your experience will be as easy and hassle-free as mine, but based on this purchase I think JM Bullion is a dealer worth looking at for your next purchase.


Mike Maloney and the Insider Program


Mike Maloney is an expert in gold and silver and precious metals in general. Mr. Maloney is well known for being the founder and owner of as well as being the published author of the hugely successful book Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver which was published in 2008. Mike has been a life long learner and entrepreneur. Mike’s passion for learning eventually led him to begin studying economic cycles and monetary history. Mike paid particular attention to cycles and noticed that these cycles tended to repeat themselves over and over again throughout history. Of great interest to Mike was the inflation and subsequent currency crash cycle which always ended with a return to the perceived safe-haven assets of gold and silver. Mike ended up investing his entire family’s wealth 100% in gold and silver-and he remains fully invested in gold and silver today.

Mike eventually met financial educator and speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series. Mike became inspired to share his knowledge and understanding of wealth cycles with others to help them secure their financial futures from what he considered to be the certainty of a global currency crash. Mike began speaking at investment seminars all over the globe, and he founded in 2007. In 2010, Mike also launched to give people another forum to learn about what he considers the greatest wealth transfer in history. Mike Maloney believes that gold and silver are the asset of the future and that owning physical gold and silver is a must.

The Insider program gives investors access to Mike Maloney and his sought after expertise. Here is a video of Mike Maloney discussing what makes different from other bullion dealers:

Mike’s Insider program comes with a number of perks for savvy investors. These perks include:

Access To Mike Maloney’s Gold And Silver Exit Strategy

Exclusive Reports On Gold And Silver

Rare Chart Access

Access to Mike’s Daily Two Minute Briefing

Here is a short video of Mike Maloney discussing the benefits of the daily two minute briefing:

How Does One Become An Insider?

Someone can become part of the Goldsilver insider program in several ways:

Option 1: Buy 500 Silver Oz. Or More

Option 2: Buy 10 Gold Oz. Or More

Option 3: Buy The Program Outright

An Outright Membership may also be purchased for $1296.33

Please visit GOLDSILVER.COM for more details on the Insider Program.

Regardless of whether or not one becomes a member of the Insider program, we are confident that you will find loads of valuable information at This company is not simply focused on selling gold and silver to physical buyers. They understand that an educated customer is a better customer. They have taken great care to try to educate their customers and any potential buyers of gold and silver. In fact, the website contains an entire Knowledge center dedicated to educating people on precious metals investing. The section contains not only this material, but also market updates, books and market data such as charts. It is no wonder that Mike Maloney and are one of the most recognized gold and silver bullion dealers today.

Visit for more information or see our thorough review of














Get Your Piece Of Olympic History

The Royal Canadian Mint is distributing some truly amazing gold and silver coins commemorating the Sochi 2014 winter Olympic Games. The coins have been issued by the Bank of Russia to celebrate the 2014 games. Coins may be purchased individually or in subscription sets of three coins. Pictured below is the 1/4 oz. pure gold 50-rouble coin depicting the sport of curling on the face.

If you are interested in silver coins or a set, then the three coin subscription set may be just what you are looking for! These stunning sterling silver coins are issued by the Bank of Russia and feature three different winter olympic sports on the face: ski-jumping, snowboarding and free-style skiing. The Hills and thrills collection as it is called is truly a remarkable addition to any coin collection!

If these are not your sports, how about a three coin subscription sterling silver coin set issued by the Bank of Russia that features the three Olympic sports of curling, speed skating and cross-country skiing? The swifter and stronger collection as it is called features truly remarkable detail and craftsmanship.

What makes the Sochi Olympic games so special?  The Russian Federation will be holding its first Olympic winter games. The Soviet Union  hosted the summer Olympics in 1980. The games will take place in two clusters: A coastal cluster and a mountain cluster. The Sochi games will be very compact and the Russian Federation has spent a great deal of money and made a colossal effort to make the Sochi 2014 winter games something spectacular! Aside from all the glitz and glamor, the Olympic games are a time for us all to come together to celebrate our differences, our likenesses and good sportsmanship. The games are truly a symbol of hard work, honor and dedication. These coins make an excellent addition to any coin collection-grab your piece of  Sochi 2014 Olympic history with limited mintage gold and silver coins today before supplies run out!

Gold Price Sharply Higher At Key Resistance

The price of gold today is trading sharply higher as a weaker dollar index, weaker stocks and likely a round of short-covering drive the price of bullion higher. Gold is trading up about $23 per ounce as of this post and is near key resistance at the December highs. A break above this level could fuel more gold buying even as investors await next week’s FOMC meeting. It is expected that the Fed will taper its bond purchases by another $10 billion per month. Markets appear to have already discounted this and the gold market will likely focus on physical demand and the data stream going forward. Speaking of the data stream, some weaker than expected data is driving equities lower today and likely helping give gold a boost. It does seem logical that as long as stocks continue to move higher gold and precious metals could have a hard time attracting buying interest. Should we see more weakness creep into the equities markets and risk assets, however, gold and precious metals could get another shot in the arm as investors look for alternative places to put cash to work.

Gold is looking good today but is still fighting an uphill battle. While no one can see the future, it would not be at all surprising to see gold prices suffer another washout before putting together a more sustainable rally. Should the current rally in gold prices continue, however, it could drive more buying as technical traders hop on board and physical buyers potentially pick up the pace. In addition, investors will likely continue to watch stocks closely. Stock weakness could  be the key driver for a rally that has legs in gold.

The dollar index has remained on the strong side of the ledger, but should more weakness be seen in the dollar , the pace of gold buying could pick up as well. The dollar has made a big reversal lower today, and a break below the 80.54 level could set the stage for more downward pressure. Should this be the case, gold and precious metals could stand to benefit. getting a new look!

Pardon our dust! We are in the process of redoing our website to bring you  better content. Please keep checking back as we will be making changes as we go! Thanks for your support!

JM Bullion Now Offering Free Shipping On All Orders

Online gold and silver bullion dealer JM Bullion is now offering free shipping on all orders. Per their site, some shipping charges may still apply for AK, HI, PO boxes and APO addresses. In another move to try to bring more value to its customers, JM Bullion has added free shipping on top of some of the lowest gold and silver prices to be found online. Check out their site at JM for more details on this new shipping “perk” and to browse their wide selection of gold and silver bullion products.


Info On Buying Gold Coins

Happy 2014 to all of our readers! May the year be a happy and prosperous one for you! We wanted to take a quick moment here to comment on  another website we have mentioned in the  This site has continued to post useful information on not only  Canadian gold and silver maple leaf coins but also a wealth of  other useful resource material on how to buy gold coins, buy goldbars, store gold and more. We hope you find it helpful!


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